​From the deep experience of his own Self-Realization, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha describes the process of Awakening like a roadmap, allowing anyone to journey through the process of the discovery of the Self. Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha, when he was 16, met his Spiritual Teacher, His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah--Himself initiated by some of the greatest Sages on Earth--and from that time has been progressively prepared to continue His Mission and lead His Spiritual Community.

After the Mahasamadhi of his Guru in 1998, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha retired from a successful career as a health practitioner and created a spiritual community in Canada, at the foothills of the Rockies, where he dedicates himself to the service of humanity, guiding spiritual seekers who come from all parts of the world and all walks of life.

In this book, his first in English, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha gives you the essence of his transformative teaching. You live in a world of certainties, he says, you have accepted so many things to be true, and yet this is the very cause of your misery. Accept nothing as true except what you yourself experience. Who are you? What is the true purpose of your life? What prevents you from living in a state of absolute balance and inner joy, which is not only attainable by anyone but is your very nature?

Discover and conquer the fears that have so far determined the course of your life. Discover the true nature of the ego and how it is the cause of your unhappiness. Discover the true nature of the mind. Discover that you are already everything that you can be, free from all limitations. As you stand today, the circumstances of your life, whatever they are, can lead you to experience enlightenment and unwavering happiness.

In the Presence of Truth

Vol. 1 - Discovering the Being Within​

    Comments from readers:

    "I am a new person having experienced Gurudev in his deeply touching and amazing book, In the Presence of Truth ~ Discovering the Being Within.  I hope millions will join me in the awakening I am enjoying.  Thank you dear Gurudev."  

    Jan Nathaniel

    Los Angeles

    ​​​"During these sublime and subtle moments, we are gently bathed in crystal waves of universal love. These sparkling high crests indeed came to me one day, in deep dialogue with Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha. At this sparkling water's edge, an endless waterfall of pure love and energy drenched my heart. May all be witness to share the beautiful exchange of heartfelt love that immersed my glorious body. I yearn and dream for more such tapestries, hand in hand taken through boundless avenues of light. To be with Gurudev and to be loved with his words and chords of divine octaves, remains now and forever the most joyous of moments in this, only one of many lifetimes. In the Presence of Truth - Discovering the Being Within, is more than words; it is the wisdom met on high mountain tops and in clouds of pure love."


    David William Gibbons 

    Broadcaster, Historian and Writer

    "I have 50 pages left to read in Gurudev's Book and I can say that it has brought me more Light than any other writing or experience in the last 11 years of committed spiritual quest.  Through this Book I have really begun for the first time to walk on the true path, I now feel as a true spiritual seeker. It is the first time that I read a spiritual book in which the author has gone all the way, and in the simplest way he keeps no secrets to assist the readers in finding the True Self within.  I can't wait being finished with the Book so I can start reading it all over again, for the benefit of my own Realization."

    Julio Gutierrez
    Santiago, Chile

    "From the moment I opened Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha's book, I felt a great alignment with his Teachings. A big AH HA. Gurudev encourages us to see ourselves 'as we are' now, while gently leading us beyond the mind to realize our true nature and our oneness with all that is. Language by its very definition is dual which makes the concept of ONENESS a great challenge to communicate.  But Gurudev's "presence" shines through his words to change us on levels beyond our awareness, beyond mind, and supports us on our journey to the oneness of our true nature.  Or maybe to the true nature of our ONENESS :-)   If you have an open mind and are ready to "escape from the cage of your comforts" to face the truth of who you really are, this book offers you a path to real freedom.  The path to the Self.


    Jaguar Kukulcan
    Auckland, New Zealand


    "I have read Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha's book, "In The Presence Of Truth" many times and each time I read it, I gain something deeper that takes me further along in my journey into discovering the True Self. "In The Presence Of Truth" is very transforming and has answered many questions that come up and continues to help me in so many ways. Often, I go back to this book when I am looking for clarity on a specific subject. Each time I read "In The Presence Of Truth, the goal of Self Realization seems more and more obtainable. Having this inspiring book is indeed a gift, guiding me on my journey towards Self Realization.

    Donna Hazelaar
    Windermere, BC

    "In The Presence Of Truth" Is a very Special book--simply because of the very practical nature of its instruction. The words written by Gurudev are First--Gentle Nudges to develop a passion and sincerity for the prize of self realization. Without a sincere and passionate desire for "the wonderful goal" one can expect little progress! Second--Fan the flames of this passion with some serious practice but also have fun! Practicing Vigilance, mindfulness and patience (through observation, meditation and the OM chant) as we seek to unwind years (maybelifetimes) of programmed reaction to people and the world around us! Third-- He instructs us to begin the work where we are at right now. Observe your verynext thought or reaction, try to gain some insight from the observation, and then build a positive habit from there. Don`t wait for a retreat, a meditation group, or even the morning! Fourth--and probably the most important to me personally: All humans, but particularly people steeped in Western tradition have the very strong tendency to believe that they own an EXPERIENCE just because they have wrapped their minds around a CONCEPT! Even if the concept is profound, certainly an intellectual understanding of it is very helpful, but Gurudev urges the aspirant to go beyond acquiring mental possessions, to the actual experience "the peace that passes understanding" to experience the presence of the ( One ) outside of ego, mind, personality, and life story! He also gives a practical road map showing how to prepare yourself for such an experience!! Now those are spiritual goals worth getting passionate about!!!

    Thank you for the loving instruction -- Zach Franzi

    "Since I began reading the book "In The Presence Of Truth", I experienced a very rare and unique feeling of connection and sense of clarity. Nothing is mere coincidence. If you have found this book, for sure a beautiful  and synchronized  flow of events has led  you, like many of us, in front of this amazing road map. Insightful. Above all... Clear and Practical. Get ready for an EXPERIENCE beyond words..."

    Paola M.

    Las Vegas


    "Reading this transformational book was beyond words on paper, it was more of an experience.

    I continue to open it often to find new insights, to come back to the Truth that is undeniable and offers hope. In spite of the atrocities happening all around us, there is a shift to a higher consciousness that is also noticeable. If we all would allow ourselves to be our true Self, the atrocities would stop as a consequence. The question is: how? What are the illusions we are so desperate holding on to, and why? This outstanding book does not just offer ideas, but practical guidelines on how to travel on this path of Self discovery, without having to go to far away locations.
    I look forward to Gurudev's future books, I will be sure to read them all!"

    Marijke Long

    Chapel Hill, NC