Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha

Born in a French Catholic family, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha followed an inner calling from an early age.  Through the religious context of his family, at 7 years old he had already recognized Jesus as his first Master and was looking to find a living expression of God in this life. His spiritual aspiration continued to grow and at 14 years old he read about an important Tibetan Buddhist monk living in France, Lama Gendun Rinpoche, and asked his mother if he could go visit the Lama. She certainly thought it was an unusual request for a 14-year-old boy, but her son’s insistence was such that she accepted. Gurudev packed up his tent, backpack and some food and traveled to the Dhagpo Kagyu Ling Monastery to ask if Lama Gendun would be his Guru.

After spending two weeks in the daily life of Tibetan monks, meditating and listening to teachings, Gurudev was granted an audience with the very revered Lama Gendun who, after having blessed and initiated Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha, told him that he was not to be his Master in this life, but that Gurudev was to find his Master soon. Lama Gendun Rinpoche gave him a necklace, telling him: “When you meet your Master, he will ask you for this and you will then know that he is your true Master.” And this is how, two years later, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha met his Master Shri Swami Hamsananda Saraswati, later called “His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah”.  At their first encounter, His Holiness asked, “Don’t you have something for me?” referring to the necklace given to Gurudev by Lama Gendun Rinpoche. What linked Lama Gendun Rinpoche to His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah was their direct connection with His Holiness the 16th Gyalwa Karmapa who would later spend time at the ashram of His Holiness

From that point on, deeply grateful to the Divine for having been reunited with his Guru in this life, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha diligently followed and practiced the Teaching of his Master, who shaped and taught His disciple during the next few decades.  Having no personal spiritual ambitions, being content to simply practice the Teaching of His Guru, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha later realized that he had in fact been progressively and secretly prepared by His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah to directly continue His Mission in the spirit of sharing the essential Principle of the Unity of all the Faces of the Divine.

Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha followed with faith and humility the signs given through life events, constantly trusting the Divine Plan and the instruction of his Guru also called “His Holiness the Adi Guru Hamsah Manarah”. The relationship between Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha and His Holiness contains all the love and mysticism of the legendary stories of India and Eastern spirituality. Under the guidance of his Master, through his firm Spiritual Practice, he himself became Self-Realized and perfectly accomplished in the art of guiding spiritual seekers on the Path of Light.

Seeing His Holiness the Lord Hamsah Manarah for the last time in his body of flesh, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha directly heard his Guru’s last wishes regarding what he would have to do for the Mission of his Master.  Then, after the Mahasamadhi (the passing) of his Holiness, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha heard the call of many of his Master’s disciples for guidance, as they recognized in him the same enlightened Presence as that of their Master. Following rigorously the instructions and last wishes of his Master, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha founded the Adi Vajra Shambhasalem Ashram (The City of the Diamond Path) at the foothill of the Rockies in British Columbia, where he continues the Mission of his Guru and the delicate work of guiding souls toward a genuine Self-Realization in the rising Golden Age.

An increasing number of people from many countries and all walks of life are now coming to seek guidance from this humble Spiritual Master dedicated to the Evolution of Souls. Living at his Ashram, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha is utterly uninterested in any form of popularity or media recognition, as he only guides seekers seriously committed to their spiritual quest. He says: “The well integrated Teaching of the Guru is far more important than the Guru Himself. It is a great blessing to meet one’s own Guru. This is why my spiritual duty is to remain very selective with who accompanies me along this journey, as time is as very precious for the Guru as it is for the aspirant-disciple.  I do not wish to become another spiritual figure shaped by the media.  All I want is to accomplish the Divine Plan in all directions of this immensely important Incarnation. There are two capital conditions that must not be forgotten for anyone who wishes to become my disciple: first you must be extremely sincere and second you must be 100% One with the universal principle of the Unity of all the Faces of the Divine!”

This website, maintained by disciples, is his sole means of communication with seekers interested in Spiritual Liberation. While being selective and secluded, Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha remains very welcoming for sincere and committed spiritual seekers, and the greater the sincerity and commitment to achieve the great goal of life, which is Self-Realization, the more the Teaching of Gurudev becomes as sharp and precise as the scalpel of a spiritual surgeon.  Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha always adapts his Teaching for the three main different types of disciples: the curious ones, the aspirant disciples, and the true disciples or yogis. These three levels of seekers correspond to a progressive degree of aspiration to achieve the spiritual goal of life.  Gurudev Hamsah Nandatha and his Disciples are yogis of this modern age excelling in the art of adapting their Sadhana to any life circumstances without losing sight of the purpose of life.